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Our Approach

Details, Details, Details

Vance Hunt Libraries worries about details.  Library details like community support, collection divisions/counts, circulation numbers, aisle widths, table heights, upholstery, wood finish quality, colors, patron site lines, user engagement, staff maximization, and all the other Library specific considerations that inform a Library floor plan and the Library furnishings, shelving and equipment selection for Public Libraries, School and University Libraries, and Specialty Libraries who are moving, designing or redesigning their floor plan.  Every plan must be tailored to the unique operation of your library.  We look forward to new ideas and challenges, and VHL planning and design is free.

Our Story

Things change  but   Experience still counts

Finding new Library innovations and helping Libraries solve current problems is exciting work.  Understanding the performance and design requirements for library interiors and furnishings has been formed in our family by serving libraries since 1949.  We have seen a few Libraries.  The pressure on Libraries to maintain ever-increasing volume counts may have diminished, but the central purpose of providing a venue in communities, schools, universities, and business where ideas and innovations are fostered and exchanged remains at the core of every healthy Library.  Exchanging, fostering, and cataloging innovation and ideas is complex multi-faceted work made a little easier with the proper furnishings and informed Library floor plan design.

All things are NOT created equal

Choosing our Manufactures

Vance Hunt Libraries balances the old and new, the before and after, and keeps an eye on the future.  VHL considers every Library they work with a partner forever; operating a business in the world of Libraries since 1949 has shown us how important it is to have the people who work in Libraries as partners.  We continuously research and seek new manufacturing sources and innovations.  At the same time, we stay vigilant working to maintain the high manufacturing standards expected for Library furnishings.

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New School

CNC  Machining

Factories that take advantage of the newest innovations in woodworking.

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Handcrafted by People

Factories that still appreciate the fine details only a skilled cabinet maker provides.

LBW Factory Tour 2010 069

Old School

Wood Shelving Tops

Factories experience enough to employ time-honored machine created for library shelving.

Next Steps...

Questions, a problem to solve, help to form your libraries dream for the future or a library furnishing story to share? Our contact information is at the bottom of every page or click the button to send a note through our site.