Grant Preparation

We can help you prepare for the submission of your Tocker Grant. Please contact Craig Tappe for more information related to our free grant preparation services.

Plan / Implement

We will visit your location, survey your needs, inventory your equipment, and provide layouts, product data, along with budget or purchase ready pricing.

Installation / Moving

Once you make your decision regarding furnishings we will professionally handle your installation needs. We can also help with relocation or moving.

We provide library furnishings (everything but the books) for Public Libraries, School and University Libraries, and Specialty Libraries. Libraries who are moving or redesigning their floor plan like us because of the person to person expertise we offer to them. There are no cookie cutter designs. We design it and put it together just like you want it to be. We also provide expert assistance in floor plan designing free of charge to our customers. That is a service that architects and designers charge thousands of dollars for. Our number one competitive advantage is our person to person service. We don’t give you warmed over suggestions from other libraries. We are on site with you every step of the planning and implementation offering our suggestions and expertise.

Vance Hunt Libraries are head and shoulders above other dealers in one primary respect--customer service after the sale. Not only do we stand behind our product and installation long after the warranties of others have expired, but we are also just a phone call away any time you have a question or an issue. We provide the same on site visits and expertise after the sale as we did during the planning and installation. In other words, you are always a preferred customer to us once we do the very first project with you. You can depend on us in the future for the same quality customer service on the small purchases as you get on the larger projects. Our customers are our reason for existing and we never forget that! That’s is our long standing way of doing business, and it separates Vance Hunt Libraries from all of the other dealers in the library business.