Proud to work with Libraries

Libraries we were honored to work with that might inspire or give you some ideas to address the unique demands your library is facing.

Plan / Implement

We will visit your location, survey your needs, inventory your equipment, and provide layouts, product data, along with budget or purchase ready pricing.

Installation / Moving

Once you make your decision regarding furnishings we will professionally handle your installation needs. We can also help with relocation or moving.

Vance Hunt Libraries worries about details.  Library details like community support, collection divisions/counts, circulation numbers, aisle widths, table heights, upholstery, wood finish quality, colors, patron site lines, user engagement, staff maximization, and all the other Library specific considerations that form a Library floor plan and the Library furnishings, shelving and equipment list for Public Libraries, School and University Libraries, and Specialty Libraries who are moving, designing or redesigning their floor plan.  No cookie cutter designs; every plan is tailored to the unique operation of your library.  We look forward to new ideas and challenges, and VHL planning and design is free.

While we enjoy seeing new innovations and solving current problems, we understand the performance and design requirements for library interiors and furnishings because our family has served libraries since 1949.  We have seen a few Libraries.  Libraries are great repositories for information, but, in an age that questions the relevance of Libraries, VHL is committed to a much broader purpose for Libraries than storing books.  The pressure on Libraries to maintain ever increasing volume counts may have diminished, but the central purpose of providing a venue in communities, schools, universities, and business where ideas and innovations are fostered and exchanged remains at the core of every healthy Library.  Exchanging, fostering, and cataloging innovation and ideas is complex multi-faceted work made a little easier with the proper furnishings for the task and informed Library floor plan design.

Vance Hunt Libraries balances the old and new, the before and after, and keeps an eye on the future.  We offer up front planning at no cost because it allows us time to hear from the people who are and will be working and living in Libraries.  VHL considers every Library they work with a partner forever; operating a business in the world of Libraries since 1949 has shown us how important it is to have the people who work in Libraries as partners.  We continuously research and seek new manufacturing sources and innovations and at the same time constantly stay vigilant trying to maintain the old higher manufacturing standards expected for Library furnishings.  We love to dream and plan a new Library or work to design a solution to a Libraries current problem before a sale and we constantly work to improve our record keeping and network to provide support and service for the dreams made real or problems solved by our furnishings or services.  VHL cares about understanding, anticipating and ensuring the future of Libraries; so we join, support, fund, and engage with Library associations, groups, and schools.

A retail-style feature display wall was created across the corner so the lightbox graphics give maximum impact from a distance.
Huckabee--school library